Opportunities Under The Sea

by David Jenyns on May 4, 2009

Harris Upham analysts saw potential economic benefits “staggering” in scope from the exploration of the depths, including the fish, offshore oil fields and strategic minerals. According to John N. Wilford of The Wall Street Journal, scientists search oceans for new drugs, chemicals and clues to human cell behavior.

“The sea,” said Mr. Wilford, “Already supplies vitamins and minerals…”

Of immediately prime national concern, however, is the military threat posed by the advent of a Soviet nuclear-powered, missile-firing submarine fleet which can remain hidden indefinitely to launch its missiles from beneath the sea at any point within millions of square miles of ocean.

The impressive capacities of the Navy’s Polaris serve as a reminder of the reality of this great potential danger from the sea, which represents a strategic threat of an entirely new order of magnitude.

Probably more now than ever, it is still growing with modern technology and new global needs. Savvy investors continue to look to the sea for rich sources of investment opportunities.

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