Patrick Raffalovich Video Review # 1

by David Jenyns on July 24, 2008

Video review of "Computer-Based Trend Trading: Employing Sound Research and Design for Profit"

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Rating: 3/5

Pat unveils a new, unique set of indicators which overcome the inherent limitations of nearly all traditional tools and offer a much clearer picture of the trend itself. Most commonly used tools are essentially momentum-based and suffer from similar design weaknesses — they detect changes in momentum rather than actual changes in trend because they examine price through a narrow window of time — a single “look-back” length. Changing the length of time being analyzed significantly affects the signals generated.

Pat gives you a new set of tools to help you avoid the arbitrary nature of fixed lookback lengths; these tools are specifically designed to analyze ALL relevant time frames, normalizing price movement for each time segment. This eliminates both the lag effect of long-term tools and the whipsaw effect of short-term tools, and generates clear signals at extreme overbought and oversold levels.

You will learn to pinpoint entries and exits that offer maximum profit potential. You will also learn to monitor the developing trend for confirmation and to instantly determine whether a trend is mature and sustainable or likely to fail. Pat also shows you how to create stop mechanisms that automatically adjust to changes in volatility. He discusses how these new indicators allow you to directly compare and rank the current trendiness of all markets, which will tell you where the best profit potential exists. You will learn which markets have historically offered the most profit potential and which are the riskiest. You will also be shown how to develop an accurate risk profile of a trade in progress.

Additionally, Pat describes the statistical methods and techniques used in the development of these new tools and how you can use these techniques in your own research and system design. Then he shows you what works and what dosen’t by using examples drawn from several markets. You will learn why a risk-adverse trading system is important to short-term traders and why varying the bet size based on statistics separates the professional trader from the amateur. Pat also explains why the key determinant to successful trading is how well your system(s) accommodates your psychological profile and risk tolerance levels.

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