Payment Processing Software: An Inside Look

by David Jenyns on July 15, 2011

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The rise of the internet an internet-based shopping has generated both positive results and negative ones. The positive aspects are obvious. Currently it is a piece of cake to find and buy almost anything you desire online, and you can get it done very easily by using a simple charge card transaction. This doesn’t even require you to leave your chair, let alone leave the house. As a result, it’s not difficult to understand the attraction this has for the modern consumer. However, there are also serious downside for modern sellers. Businesses now have to deal with the prospect of handling high-speed transactions that never require a face-to-face sale. This not only results in bookkeeping that’s more difficult, but there are also dangerous security issues. In this article, we’ll look at payment processing software, and how it can help your business with these issues.

What Is Payment Processing Software?

Essentially, payment processing software involves making more efficient and reliable the transactions that occur either over-the-counter or on the internet. Not only can it help to streamline this process making things go much faster, but it really can act as an excellent security aid also. Using a fast, efficient service is essential for any modern business, and dedicated payment processing software can help a great deal.

What To Look For In Suitable Software

It is of course important to locate a particular software solution that will supply you with the best service possible. You will consequently have the ability tooffer the customer with better service than your competitors will. One of the primary requirements you will have is compliance with PCI security standards. Since the big credit card companies have a great deal to lose through potential fraud, they often require a seller to have suitably secure software before they allow their cards to be used.

Different Alternatives Available

One of the most popular solutions for payment processing software is Monetra. This is an extremely high-end option, which can suffice for both small-scale businesses and also large retailers, being a large company they can offer excellent telephone support if needed. Another choice is Verifone. This company provides a wide range of services, a few of which might be perfect for a small company. It can be installed on a regular computer, which negates the need for a separate retail system. Finally, a third option is known as Kashbox. If you would like to get into payment processing software this might be your best bet, because it is free of charge and can similarly be set up on a regular PC.


There’s a wide range of payment processing software available to suit just about any need. Whether you need the extremely high-end professional enterprise edition or just a simple single-system trial you’re sure to find a version that best suits you. Try to find speed, simplicity, security and support with any software solution and you can guarantee your business a bright future and fewer problems with credit card fraud or otherwise.



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