Peter Eliades Video Review # 1

by David Jenyns on April 24, 2008

Video review of "Time Cycles"

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Rating: 4/5

In this workshop, Peter discusses his personal theory of price movement in the stock market. According to Peter, price movement relates to repeating cycle rhythms. You will learn how to understand and recognize those cycles, disregarding fundamental analysis. Peter feels that fundamental news has virtually no effect on market timing; such fundamental information affects only long-term trends. In over twenty years of uninterrupted market letters, Peter has rarely mentioned a fundamental news story in relation to the market. Peter’s analysis is 100 percent cyclically and technically oriented.

About The Expert

Peter Eliades began his financial career as a stock broker in 1972, after graduating from Boston University Law School. He often appears as a stock market analyst on Los Angeles television station KWHY, the nation’s first financial TV station. Several times in the fall of 1974, he predicted on KWHY that a major market bottom would occur during the week of December 9-13. The exact Down Jones low of 507.01 occurred on December 9, 1974. In 1985, the first year he was rated by the independent rating services, Peter earned the Timer Digest “Timer of the Year” award. In 1989, Mark Hulbert (Hulbert’s Financial Digest) named Peter as the “Most Consistent Mutual Fund Switcher.” Peter edits and ..

To watch this video visit InoTv


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