Picking Solid State And Tiny Electronics

by David Jenyns on February 25, 2009

Since there never has been the slightest doubt about electronics being the biggest growth area of our day, the question is obviously one of choosing the right stocks at their right prices. This historical piece offers some great insight.

The word “electronics” scarcely covers its widening areas of operation. Integrated solid-state circuitry is the latest development in the industry’s ever-accelerating trend toward miniaturization. In essence, an integrated solid-state circuit is a solid-state device in the form of a tiny piece of semiconductor material or a thin film which functions as a circuit in place of many electronic components. It will amplify or control electronic current just as ordinary electronic circuitry would but without the latter’s interconnecting components and other complexities. It needs no electronics specialist to visualize what this means.

Each circuit board performs a single electronic function such as amplifying or switching. Now, each of these circuit boards will be replaced by a single piece of crystal or thin film.
Until then the transistor was king of electronic miniaturization. The tunnel diode does most of what the transistor does, only better, faster and cheaper.

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