Playing the Stock Market: Looking for a Higher Return

by David Jenyns on March 14, 2008

Playing the stock market can be fun, but it isn’t a big money-maker for most investors. The casual investor can only expect small percentage profits from his small-to-medium sized investments, and he might find he is better off taking his money elsewhere for a higher return.

In the stock market the cash yields are low. There is no certainty that the stock will appreciate and offer a higher return than the investment. There is also the possibility of a decline in the total fund of savings. Even in a good year if one investor has a portfolio of 10 stocks, it is considered satisfactory if seven go up and only three go down.

You are worth every day just what the stock market says you are worth on that day, and not a cent more. Maybe the company is fine and the stock will go up, but your wealth is always measured by the daily stock quotation. If the collateral is a mortgage on a pre-cut home the buyer of the pre-cut home must pay you. One of the very worst features of stock ownership is that it is likely to lead to “stock market-itis.” It is nervous venture for those not cut out for it, but when successful it offers a higher return than most other forms of investment.

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