Programming Learning For Profits – An Investor’s Guide

by David Jenyns on March 27, 2009

This dangerous shortage has brought about a brand new industry—the teaching machine, or programmed learning.

The Skinner method is based on repetition and rote learning; the Crowder method relies on the reasoned answer, backed up by remedial explanation in areas where the student shows weakness. The machine and its self-tutoring courses are produced and marketed under an agreement between Grolier and Teaching Machines, Inc.

Courses in Russian, Hebrew, statistics, and fundamentals of music, spelling, and algebra are available for additional charges of $5 to $15 ($15 for 500-page program; $7.50 for 200-page program; and $5 for 100-page program). The machine itself is priced at $20. Programmed textbooks are avail-able in 82 x 11 inch machine format in primary and secondary level courses, and later in college courses.

In actual comparative experiments, programmed teaching with machines enabled students to complete a course in much shorter time and absorb and retain material more effectively.

Growing profits will come from sales of teaching machines, and, perhaps more important, from program copyrights and royalties.

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