Reinhart Jaenisch Video Review # 1

by David Jenyns on May 23, 2008

Video review of "Using the Techniques of Andrews and Babson…"

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Rating: 3/5

Using the Techniques of Andrews and Babson to “Recognize the Terrain and Apply the Right Tools”.

This workshop focuses upon the techniques of two markets greats, Dr. Alan Andrews and Roger Babson. Little known and even less understood today, these techniques remain powerful tools for analyzing todayís markets. Today, most technical analysis computer programs contain an indicator called the Andrews Pitchfork, but hardly anyone knows how to use it or what it does.

Originally taught by Dr. Alan Hall Andrews of the Foundation for Economic Stabilization (who made his first million dollars in a few years trading the markets prior to the 1930s), the Andrews Pitchfork, when properly understood and applied, can serve as a powerful tool to pinpoint relative overbought and oversold conditions within channels, thereby helping to determine changes in trend. This seminar covers many of the original rules and shows you easy-to-use methods for applying them. You will be taught to use the Pitchfork lines for short- as well as long-term trading. Ron also expands the use of the Pitchfork, demonstrating how it can serve as a stand-alone mechanical trading system. This workshop is hands-on. Dr. Andrews did not rely upon computers. You will learn to use his techniques the same way that the original foundation students learned, using a pencil and ruler as you are guided through the procedures. Roger Babson, best known as the founder of Security Research Charts and Babson Business College, was ostracized by the investment community in 1929 when he predicted the coming crash. Babsonís techniques were developed from the principles of Sir Isaac Newton. At the time, the investment community also had difficulty believing that the laws of physics and finance could be related. Ronís workshop demonstrates how to use these principles in stocks and futures markets.

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