Safeguard Your Investments

by David Jenyns on April 11, 2008

Even the most brazen and devil-may-care investor would do well to make some safeguard investments. A portion of the funds of any investor must be placed in safe, although relatively low yield, opportunities. In the stock market the investor owns a part of the company, and this ownership is evidenced by the stock certificate. If funds are lent which enable the borrower to purchase, let us say, a mobile home or a boat, the investor should keep title to the mobile home or the boat until it is paid for in full. Where a dealer sells a customer a mobile home the dealer should guarantee that the investor will be paid.

If the customer does not pay, the dealer must immediately pay off the entire sum due. Paradoxically, high yield insures safeguard investments. Some of the highest yielding investments in the country are small loans (although these are not suitable for the individual investor). If, for example, an investor has $200,000, he can invest it in a savings and loan association to safeguard investments at 4 percent and receive annually $8,000. If, on the other hand, his higher yield investment program allows him to realize 10 percent instead of 4 percent, he receives annually $20,000.

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