Seeing Your Investment Personality

by David Jenyns on September 21, 2009

Your investment goals are necessarily a reflection of your temperament and personality and should be taken into consideration when considering investment options. Are your investment goals — and you — realistic? An overly cautious or conservative temperament may well react too slowly to changing conditions in the market, and thus miss out on opportunities.

Will you panic if a stock begins to falter and slide downhill? Relative to this movement, the investor is a reasonably constant factor. Is It safe to Invest? You can meet the conditions of reasonable stability, reasonable flexibility, and reasonable caution. But nagging doubt remains.

There are no guarantees of success in stock ownership, no guarantees against loss. It should be remembered, however, that investment in stocks is a way of sharing in the profit potential of American industry. Is the American economy safe?

For corporations, prosperity is reflected in earnings. No matter which kind of stock you choose, remember to take your personality and limits into account. It’s no good buying risky stock if it makes you lose sleep at night.

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