Seeking Reasons To Save Your Money

by David Jenyns on May 28, 2008

Especially in recent years, an American with a steady job probably has sufficient earnings so that he can pay essential living expenses and also save something, if he wants to. His ability to spend less than his earnings depends more on his mental attitude than on the size of his earnings. To save, a person must have a motive strong enough to overbalance the pressure to spend all earnings immediately, if not sooner.

Nearly every American, when his earned earnings reaches a quite modest minimum, gains a right to pension benefits, payable after he reaches a stated age and retires from his paid job. To the question “Is saving worth while?” their actions show that, aside from compulsory savings for pensions, their answer is “No.” Aside from paying for a home, the great majority of savers limit themselves to fixed-price types of investment, including life insurance, savings deposits, and savings bonds.

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