SEPT 11: Online Stock Trading Comparison of Related Books

by David Jenyns on September 11, 2006

If you Google online stock trading the search results bring up fifty-three million pages. I’ve sifted through enough of them to know that after a while you’re reading the same things over and over. Sounds like a good time for a good book. Before I curl up though, I wanted to do an online stock trading comparison of related books just because there are still so many subjects to cover regarding online stock trading.

I went over to just because it’s so easy to navigate and I’m already registered there. I plugged in the words “online stock trading” just to see what kind of variety they would come up with. Here’s what I found:

I like the dummy books. I know when I open one of these books that they have started at the beginning and my intimidation about the subject melts away. This one, “Trading for dummies” by Michael Griffis looks like a winner.

Although I’m a little curious about day trading, that’s not my main area of interest so I’m glad he lets us know right away that this is not a book about day trading. It’s more of a level headed guide about learning to trade stocks online. . We also have to learn how to pick stocks and perform an online stock trading comparison of different stocks.

I like the fact that he includes coverage of how to choose a good broker because there’s just too many of them on the internet for a novice to make an informed decision. There’s a lot to figure out even before we can safely make an online stock trading comparison between brokerage firms and their fees. Griffis starts at the bottom and explains how to decipher online information before he tries to tell us what to do with it. I’m getting this one for sure.

“Investing Online for dummies” by Kathleen Sindell is not dummy enough for me. She first came out with the book in 2000 and it sank for the very same reason. In this updated version, she kept the same first sentence although she did get rid of most of the dead links that were in her first book. That may be the only difference however, because the rest of it looks frighteningly familiar. Sindell probably should have just broken out of the “dummy” mold and geared her book more toward the sophisticated investor.

As far as an online stock trading comparison between these two, there really isn’t much of a comparison at all. Giffis starts at the beginning, Sindell doesn’t. I vote for “Trading for Dummies”.

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