SEPT 12: Online Stock Trading Course

by David Jenyns on September 12, 2006

If you want to excel in online stock trading you will need more than basic computer skills. Some of the stock trading software may seem complicated if you only have basic knowledge of computer operation. Stock trading can be a serious challenge so taking an online stock trading course can help, even if you are not a beginner because learning a few extra stock trading techniques from specialists in the field is always useful.

Stock Trading School

Here you can find easy to follow and useful explanation about stock, swing, trend and day trading, short selling and trading system, methods shared by Tony Oz. If written explanations bore you, no problem, here the materials are short videos which explain you exactly how stock trading is working using simulations and charts.

From live stock trading captured in real-time to finding a swing trading setup and then trading it, pattern recognition of support and resistance, identifying a short sale setup using charts, live day trading scenario and developing a trading plan, it’s all there!

You can also buy an online stock trading course on CD which contains 4 discs, for $399.00. The experience level of this course is beginner or intermediate with some advanced strategies and the CDs contain a 2-day seminar in California recorded live.

The Online Trading Academy

Offers you a 10 day online stock trading course run by teachers and professional US stock trader Adam E. Kaye, CLU, ChFC, MBA. The course is divided in into 2 parts and is designed for short term investors and active traders in the Global Stock Markets and UAE.

The course is open for employees of financial institutions such as investment houses, banks and brokerage services, and also for general public. Some of the things you will learn as a student are risk management techniques and how to trade with discipline based on sound technical analysis used by the Wall Street Pro’s, and you will receive an OTA certificate after you successfully complete the course.

In the first part you will learn how to trade online stocks profitably like the professional trading business people do, and the second part will cover advanced trading strategies, tactics and techniques. Each day you will learn selected advanced concepts which you will execute ‘live’ using OTA funded accounts during the Stock Market hours.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or not online stock trading courses are useful anyway, just look for the ones that provide the information you need.

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