SEPT 18: The Online Stock Trading Game: Wanna Play

by David Jenyns on September 18, 2006

Pay to Play

I think I missed something. I found what looks like an innocent online stock trading game, you know the kind where you bet on stocks but not really so as to not lose any real money. However, they want me to pay for it. I looked again and again but sure enough it is a simulator and I have to pay instead of trading real stocks where, they caution me, I might lose money.

Since I知 not going to pay, I値l have to share my limited information with you and you can make up your own mind. Personally, I think if I have to pay to play an online stock trading game then I might as well play for real because at least that way, I have 1 chance in however many million that I値l pick the right stock at the right time.

This game is appropriately called Stock-trak on the website by the same name. The website boasts a college following of thousands of college students. They have an area for professors, students and individual investors. I知 intrigued by the thought of playing the simulator; I知 just not sure about paying to play the simulator.

It must just be me. I found another online stock trading game called investopedia simulator. It really does sound like a good idea to practice first before you go out for the real thing but I just can稚 get my arms around paying for the practice.

Play Without Pay

I think I値l just pretend I have my own online stock trading game. Here痴 how it will work. I will choose the stocks I知 going to 澱uy and I値l decide how many shares and then I値l watch them everyday. If the price goes up, I will sell. If it stays the same, so will I and if the price goes down I値l pay special attention and decide at which point to get out. Kind of like that stop order Martha

Stewart was talking about.

Then once a month I値l track my 努ins and 斗osses and see what I have learned. Voila! Online stock trading game simulator. Only this one doesn稚 simulate money changing hands and I still get to learn something.

I知 going to continue my search for an online stock trading game just because I like all the bells and whistles but I think I値l refrain from paying for the simulator. Or maybe I値l just forget the simulator and pay for the trade.

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