SEPT 20: Online Stock Trading in Canada

by David Jenyns on September 20, 2006

If you are interested in online stock trading in Canada here you can find a few offers from Canadian brokerage companies.

TradeFreedom – Canada’s Online Broker

If you want to execute better trades on more markets, TradeFreedom is the place. For active traders since 1999, is Canada’s premier online broker. Besides providing a high level of technology, personal service (a designated account manager) and low commission fees, they also offer you the opportunity to execute direct access trades of Canadian and US Equities, Commission Free, Options and Futures Forex. And one more thing you will have the ability to trade a variety of instruments, from the convenience of one brokerage firm.


Questrade offers active investors high-speed and direct access to online stock trading in Canada, as well as US stocks and US options markets. It’s a leading Canadian discount brokerage firm founded in 1999 that has a variety of innovative products for all the needs of the Canadian trader.

It has two divisions: Questrade’s Online Brokerage division and Questrade’s Pro division. Clients are provided by the first division with a variety of Web-based and PC trading options. You will have access to superior decision making tools, a price structure that reflects your individual trading style, and advanced trading platforms. The second division provides on-site trading and innovative proprietary trading opportunities for Pro traders.

Super fast order execution in Canadian and US markets, risk management, exceptional client service and direct access technology are just some of the reasons, if you are wanting to get into online stock trading in Canada, you should choose Questrade.

Man Financial Canada Co.

Man Financial Canada Co. is a Canadian brokerage firm which has 9 locations across the country, over 100 commodity brokers to service your commodity options and commodity futures trading. Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader you will get a cutting-edge technology and a superior customer support. They have more than 100 professionals to help you with strategies, ideas, research, and market-moving news.

Man Financial Canada Co. is one of the world’s top future members of clearing based on client transaction volume, and they provide market information and 24-hour access to global markets.

Man Financial Investment Advisors have top-ranked research, expertise and tools to create a management strategy that is based on your financial situation and unique goals.

When you decide to get into online stock trading in Canada, one of these 3 places will be able to service your needs. The next step? Give them a call, and work out a solution for your needs.

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