SEPT 30: Online Stock Trading Review – An Objective Approach

by David Jenyns on September 30, 2006

Reviews of online stock trading may provide you helpful information but finding a trustful source is also very important… below you’ll find a short overview of some of the sites where you can find accurate, highly targeted online stock trading reviews.

Consumer Search

Consumer search provides you with online broker’s reviews that are assigned ratings based on evaluating, credibility in testing and identifying the best online brokers. Their highest ratings go to online stock trading reviews based on result of tests and document assumption, test criteria and other methodology, and sweeping endorsements get their lower ratings.

You might wonder what their evaluation criteria are, to make an idea about the quality of the reviews, so just pay attention. The ranking reflects how well the article meets their criteria and how relevant it is for a given category. Their editors when they evaluate the articles compare the credibility of the article’s top picks with the top picks of other reviewers, establish how current is the review, how convincing and extensive is its methodological approach, analysis and testing, and how much of an expert the reviewer is. Each of these criteria is assign a 1 to 5 rating and then averaged to give the end result.

To get a better rating the review should contain a comparison of many products not just the presentation of a single product.


Unlike Consumer Search, Galttech offer online stock trading reviews about online trading companies. If you are looking for the best here you can find information about fees, services, tools offered by Ameritrade, Etrade, Charles Schwab and Scottrade.

The necessity of this review comes into play in helping you to find a match, a company that is perfect for you depending on how much trading you’re going to do, because there are a lot of companies and each one is a little different.

You can also find a review on stock trading, tips for investing in the stock market, which has information about how to choose a stock broker, what are stock options and stock quotes and researching stocks (basic information, but useful when first starting out).

Stressfree Trading

If you have a hard time finding the review you need you can check out Stressfree Trading where you can find links to a large variety of reviews so you have a lot of options to choose from. You can find reviews on stock trading, the stock market, buying stocks online and much more.

Now you know some of the sites were you can find online stock trading reviews so all you have to do is see if the information they provide is the one you need.

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