Special Tax Deferrals – A Look Back

by David Jenyns on April 8, 2009

Historically, savings and loans firms have provided the lion’s share of home mortgages. As a group, savings and loan firms are the largest lenders of funds for home mortgages, providing 41 percent of all institutional home financing in 1959.

This special tax deferral helps make savings and loan operations particularly popular among investors. According to historical patterns, savings accounts of loan firms have risen slightly faster than mortgage loans outstanding. In the past decade, savings in California-based firms have grown 1.7 times faster than those of other institutions (including commercial banks, insurance companies, etc.), while loans grew 1.6 times faster.

In evaluating shares of savings and loan companies, stress is laid on book value per share as well as the increase in book value per share.

The loan shares are comparatively new in the market and are still considered more or less for professionals in the sense that they have only begun to be appraised by the market. The potential in this old-line industry has been present all the time although it has been only recently that Wall Streeters have suddenly awakened to the new growth inherent in this hitherto lackluster industry.

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