Keiser Report: Capital Punishment for Crimes Against Capital (E322)

August 18, 2012

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss crimes against capital, financial blockades and hoax Op-eds. They also suggest that Boris Johnson may be the illegitimate step nephew of Louis XV and how all your financial opinions come from a warped fortune cookie written by some guy that just dropped massive tabs of acid. […]

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Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Scandal! (E32)

February 20, 2012

Today, Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert look at the scandals of Prozac pilots and Chinese drywall; Timothy Sniveling Scamster Geithner, asking “what choice did the President have?”, and finally, Jamie Dimon, the most dangerous man in America, complaining about the demonization of mega-banks. Max also talks to Rolling Stone journalist, Matt Taibbi, about “Looting […]

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Keiser Report: False Flag Finance (E171)

January 21, 2012

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report from New York City on privatization drives, gold coins and debt deals. In the second half of the show Max talks to financial journalist, Teri Buhl, about the latest in the lawsuits against Bear Stearns. Follow RT on and KR on Facebook

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