Taking Your Investments Out Of This World

by David Jenyns on May 11, 2009

In the race to the moon between the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R., hundreds of billions of dollars will be spent in the next decade or so on projects which, only a few years ago, would have sounded like things existing only in science fiction. For the wise investor, this is a good thing because it opens up one more investment field.

This center contains laboratories for space environment and life sciences, re-entry stimulation, materials development, nuclear radiation, guidance and control systems, fluid systems and electronics.
Wyle Laboratories operates the largest independent laboratory in the United States for testing under simulated extreme environmental conditions, rocket propellant systems and components (both solid and liquid), which account for 75 percent of its business.

Another growing factor in the out-of-this-world testing is Associated Testing Laboratories which is engaged in the science of environment testing. Mr. Richard Slawsky in Richard Slawsky Reports called Associated “one of the fastest growing companies in environment testing,” an industry he termed the “science of make-believe.”

In this science world of make-believe, the study of what happens to matter and energy under conditions of extreme cold is gaining rapid importance. It is called “cryogenics.” It may well be one of the hottest things in science and industry.

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