Ted Tesser Video Review # 1

by David Jenyns on August 26, 2008

Video review of "How to Create and Manage a Profitable Trading Business"

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Rating: 3/5

This discussion focuses on the strategies necessary to become a successful futures trader. It includes techniques for the development and evaluation of a suitable trading methodology for each person’s own trading style. Ted demonstrates how to use effective business management strategies in increasing profitability.

He shows traders how to further increase their bottom line through tax reduction. Ted explains in some detail how taxpayers can claim “trader” status that can offer them substantial financial benefits. Ted also reveals a system called the Great Full Spread for methodically grinding out a small but consistent profit using OEX option credit spreads. This strategy provides a highly accurate, limited-risk vehicle for trading the futures market. Ted also shows how to use the McClellan Oscillator to time the market for mutual fund switching as well as for use with NYFE contracts.

To watch this video visit InoTv


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