The Benefits To The Stock Market

by David Jenyns on February 8, 2008

Like anything, the stock market has a variety of benefits and disadvantages. The benefits we’re going to explore include the instant availability of funds, elimination of dishonesty and protection against default.

The stock market provides almost instant availability.

The price at which the stock was sold was about $.25 per share under the previous sale and could be pretty well forecast. In the stock market you do not run this same risk.

The chance of any firm on the New York Stock Exchange or American Stock Exchange absconding with your money is almost negligible. In sales finance, defaults are common and must be allowed for, but the stock market affords individual investors little possibility of being caught in a default. The larger portfolios of investments in mortgages, sales contracts and the like always have losses, and these can often be predicted as to percentage of outstanding loans each year. The borrower has defaulted. In the stock market you do not have this risk. This risk of default is largely eliminated by investing in stocks of major corporations.

If done with caution and care, one of the benefits of investing in the stock market can result in large returns and a very jolly bankroll.

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