The Electronics Boom of the 1960s.

by David Jenyns on December 17, 2008

This historical piece offers some great insight.

The industry is confronted with a shakeout of great magnitude. Even disarmament would not mean the end of electronics despite the industry’s heavy dependence on government spending.

Disarmament or no disarmament, government expenditures for electronics goods and services would most probably remain at a very high level. “The nature of this armed truce,” said Dr. Harry Greenfield in “What Shakeout in the Electronics Industry?”

From four percent of total military spending in 1950, electronics is expected to reach approximately 20 percent by 1965. “The electronic core of such a system will in all probability consist of active and passive satellites, telemetry systems, global computer complexes, ultra-sensitive detection systems, as well as global communications networks,” he continued. Electronics is not just another great growth industry. Medical electronics is one of those areas. Data processing is another. There never has been the slightest doubt about electronics being a growth industry.

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