The Expanding Drug Investment Market

by David Jenyns on December 8, 2008

This historical piece offers some great insight into the current drug industry. If new products were a hallmark of growth, then the growth record of drug makers is indeed impressive. Sales of drug products are expected to grow rapidly both here and abroad. The Asian influenza epidemic also bolstered drug profits during that period. Ethical drugs account for about three-quarters of total drug sales.

In evaluating ethical drug companies, emphasis should be placed on the quality of their research as well as on their ability to turn out profitable new products. As the nation’s number one killer, heart disease has understandably become the prime research target for many drug firms. Vick is a diversified operation in ethical and veterinary drugs, proprietary drugs, and chemicals and plastics.

If the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease should be definitely established, the potential market for MER/29 would be enormous. Trade sources estimate that total sales of all types of cardiovascular drugs, currently running at $180 million a year; should approach $450 million by 1970.

New drugs, new companies…but investors continue to look to pharmaceuticals for a good return.

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