The Great Space For Money Race

by David Jenyns on February 11, 2009

The recent changeover in our nation’s defense from manned aircraft to missiles has brought a far-reaching and fundamental change in the industry structure as well as investors’ interest in the industry.

Martin’s facilities now are used exclusively for missile and space projects, including the production of the Titan intercontinental ballistic missile at its Denver division, of the Pershing and Bullpup missiles and the Missile Master (an electronic antiaircraft fire control system) at its Orlando, Florida, division, and of the Mace missile and an ICBM launcher for the Dyna-Soar boost glide vehicle at its Baltimore home plant. Along with other defense contractors, Martin expects a substantial increase in business due to nationwide concern over America’s missile and space programs.

However, the industry’s real, long-term future rests on its role as the gateway to the space age. Even if disarmament canceled U.S. defense contracts, as much or more business would subsequently develop for space projects.
There have been ever-increasing indications on the part of private industry for exploration and economic development of space without government contracts. Frederick R. Kappel, president of the giant American Telephone $c Telegraph, has announced that his company would seek to set up a worldwide communications systems using a space satellite.

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