The Importance of Fresh Water

by David Jenyns on December 29, 2008

President John F. Kennedy called the salt water conversion project more important than putting a man in space. “The ultimate source of needed water is the ocean. A sizable proportion will, of necessity, be directed to salt water conversion.”

“The ultimate source of needed water is the ocean. Of total daily precipitation of 4,300 billion gallons, 3,000 billion gallons are lost through evaporation and transpiration of plants. Of the remaining 1,300 billion gallons, almost 90 percent is returned to the oceans.

The water coming from the Freeport plant is sufficient to supply the drinking water for a city. The Freeport plant uses a method known as “long-tube” burning of natural gas to heat salt water to steam. When the steam condenses back to water it drops the salt. This distillation method is the most conventional one of the five conversion methods to be tested at five pilot plants being built in the country to purify sea water and brackish water.

“Part of the water ‘flash’ into fresh water vapor and the rest goes on to repeat the process in a subsequent state.”

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