The Magnanimous Broker

by David Jenyns on June 1, 2009

The broker is, like the client, a person. His clients range from millionaires, who may spend as much as $100,000 at a time, to the person with limited funds, whose largest transaction may total somewhere between $200 and $500.

The selection of a broker is not difficult. Merely look in the financial pages of a newspaper or the telephone directory “yellow pages” and you will find many brokerage houses listed. People sometimes feel somewhat embarrassed in making a selection and then going into a brokerage house to discuss their financial needs; but they should have it in mind that the brokerage house, like a bank and like an insurance agent, is there to serve.

The size of your investment account does not have any bearing, since the small investor may, at some future date, become the large investor.

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