The Population Of The Asian Country Describe As “high ” Has Been Increased The Capital To Have In Types Of Investment “tipos De Inversion”

by David Jenyns on September 14, 2011

In China the physical exercise there was little affluence in the price levels on the types of investment “tipos de inversion”, in accordance to an investigation spread by the Popular Bank of China, one of best of the old city.

Speaking of results of the first part of year 2011 to 20,000 banking depositors of main the 50 cities of the country are in China, the 68.5 percent describes “the high and intolerable ” prices of the second trimester as, creating worse its prices in a 1%. Delay the prices in the following trimester are increased but, with a change of 1,7 points of the continual thing are even expected the types of investment “tipos de inversion”.

With indices of higher prices in which to the inflation it concerns, Having a secretion in the index of these prices already having points superior to the pasts. The analysts of the sector anticipate an increase of the inflation superior to the 6 percent in June on affected the results the types of investment “tipos de inversion”. The central banking organization of the country contemplating already the recovery accounts and increase the types of curiosity for the second time in 2011, with a view to controlling the inflation.

Talking of prices at this time, the residents are more and more arranged to consume counting on new types of investment “tipos de inversion” according to the same source. The results of the report show there is but confidence with the bankers to handle to the money (via deposits, bonds of investment and actions~with but actions~looking for new tools of investment) and the 17 percent inclines but to the consumption.

As soon as to the types of investment “tipos de inversion”, with the aid of the settlers in a 20%, 2.8 proportion points less than in the first trimester, according to the information.


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