Trade Plan Are Essential in Trading

by David Jenyns on June 5, 2011

Developing a sound trading plan is essential to successful trading. The trading plan gives the trader guidelines, rules, focus, and direction. It can greatly aid traders during periods of drawdown or dif?cult trading times. A trading plan will help the trader identify whether the rough trading times are due to market conditions or to trading errors. The trading plan acts as a rebalancing tool and enables the trader to get back on track to following and executing sound trading principles according to the trading plan.

A well-de?ned trading plan can help traders to see in black and white what is happening in the internals of their own trading. It allows for an objective view of where the greatest areas of pro?t come from and how to increase pro?ts. It also allows an objective view of where losses are coming from so as to make adjustments to correct unnecessary losses or losses that are too large in proportion to wins. As traders, we are always looking for the best tools to help us maximize pro?ts and minimize risk and losses. A trading plan can be one of the best tools we give ourselves to help us achieve both of those goals.

1. Daily trading planóde?nes what and how you will trade.

2. Business planóprovides an overall look at expenses of your trading business.

3. Disaster planólooks ahead to act at times of unforeseen events and circumstances.

The trading plan is something that can be changed and be modi?ed over time. Successful trading requires ?ne-tuning your execution skills as well as your money management. Taking steps early in the process to establish a trading plan will help put the trader on a path of treating trading as a business.

The depth and extent of a trading plan will depend largely on your current trading skill level. The more in depth your experience and skill level, the more in depth you can develop a trading plan. For a novice trader, starting with just a few basics would be appropriate. As skill and experience are acquired, the trader can add onto the initial trade plan. This section explains the basics to help you get started. Basics of a Trading Plan The most obvious place to start is with what you are trading. Here are several ideas to include as a start:

– De?ne the markets you will trade.
– De?ne speci?c setups you will trade.
– De?ne entry point triggers into a trade.
– De?ne market conditions that would void the trade.
– De?ne the number of shares or contracts to be traded.
– De?ne how much risk is in the trade by using money management rules.
– De?ne stop-loss placement.
– De?ne pro?t objective targets and how and when a stop-loss order is moved.

Use this list as a checklist until these questions become second nature. One excellent habit to develop is to write the information on a chart of the market that you will be trading.

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