Discover These LEGAL Trading Tactics: Limited To 77 People

by David Jenyns on January 25, 2011

“You’re About To Discover The Quickest Way To Maximize Your Profit Potential In ANY MARKET By Using These Unorthodox, But LEGAL, Trading Tactics…”

Trading TacticsWould you like to learn some cool trading tactics? Click here for more information. I almost didn’t post this message because I thought to myself, “There’s NO WAY that there will be any of these left for my members. This offer is so good, it’s only a matter of hours before IT’S OVER.” But after speaking with Bill Poulos himself, he assured me that he reserved a few copies specifically for my members. So I decided to post this message after all.

What the heck am I talking about and who is Bill Poulos?! I don’t have a lot of time to explain due to the time-sensitive nature of this e-mail, but I’ll do my best.

Bill rushed me a copy of his complete, step-by-step trading course recently. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. After all, because my name’s out there on the Internet, I get a LOT of trading courses sent to me, and I feel like I’ve SEEN IT ALL. Well, there was something in the way that Bill presented himself to me that made me pay attention to his course, and I’m glad I did.

When his course arrived, I actually felt a little like I kid again waiting for a package to arrive in the mail. I canceled all my meetings for the day, shut off my cell phone (well, OK, I put it on silent), and settled in for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon session with Bill’s course.

Click here for more information.

There’s not enough room in this e-mail for me to cover all the details, but Bill’s trading course is PROFOUND, ENLIGHTENING, and most important, it’s USABLE. He doesn’t make crazy promises and set expectations so high that they’re impossible to achieve. He doesn’t require that you have an advanced degree in mathematics to understand his method.

The true beauty of Bill’s course is that he’s just like you and me. He’s been burned. He’s learned a lot. And he explains his course in clear and easy-to-understand language with TONS of practical examples.

When I was done going through his 150 page manual, DVD, and CD- ROM, the moon was in the sky and it was well past midnight. I was very satisfied in knowing that I had learned some NEW and USEFUL trading methods that are now a part of my trading toolkit.

So when Bill contacted me a day ago and let me in on a special offer for my members exclusively, I had to let you know about it ASAP.

Here’s the deal… Bill printed 1,000 copies of his trading course and he only has 77 left. He needs to move these IMMEDIATELY because his printer is raising his duplication costs next month and Bill wants to get another batch printed before the prices go up. This means that Bill will in all likelihood raise the price of his course after these remaining 77 copies sell out.

He agreed to knock $100 off his list price, but just for these last 77 copies. So it’s first come, first served.

Frankly, these 77 packages may be gone by the time you read this e-mail. The only way to know for sure if these trading tactics are left is click on this link for more information.

Remember, this offer may have already expired, but if you’re one of the next 77 investors to click on this link, you might still have a chance at $100 off the retail investment.


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