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by David Jenyns on October 23, 2011

The easy availability of the car finance is one of the major reasons why the car sales have picked up phenomenally. People are willing to spend some income from their monthly earning and buy themselves the convenience in the form of car. Even the government supports the people in meeting this aspiration by way of allowing incentives in taking the finance facility for the car. The logic behind the financing is very simple to understand. Actually, it is a win-win situation for the car manufacturers, finance companies as well as the people who need it.

The car manufacturers are happy since their sales get picked up significantly if the good finance options are provided by them through their dealerships. Picking up of the sales of car is perceived to be a good economy activity indicating that the economy is picking up or the time of boom is there. The finance companies make a good amount of money by offering the finance facility to the owners of the cars. The money earned, in lay man’s terms, is the interest income. The buyers are obviously happy since it does not pinch their pockets to spend some money monthly rather than spending the whole sum in one go.

There could be different models of car finance with different relationships between the buyer and the financer. In some the buyer has the title but there is a charge on the car levied by the financer who gives the car to him on hire-purchase basis, whereas in some others the title remains with the financer. In the latter case, the lease agreement is executed with the financer. The facility of car finance can also be availed by the employee on the purse of his employer. When he or she changes the job, the liability of making the payment can also be shifted from one employer to another. However, it is recommended that when you plan to make a shift of the job and you have already taken this facility of car finance then you shall ask about the same from the next employer during the negotiations for the salary package.

For the people who can afford to pay in lump sum, the question about the full payment being done in one go or financing being availed of for full amount is always there. Still the people prefer to use the car finance way most of the times. The reasons could be that the government might be offering some tax deductions on the finance facility. It could also be that you do not like the car and might like to change the car. The next buyer need not have the financing done in his name again afresh. Rather, the existing one can be transferred to his name. The most ideal situation is that you pay some part as down payment, say 20% of the amount and then get the rest of it financed. Even the finance company might like you to have some commitment being fulfilled by you.

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