Using Investment Firms As A Service

by David Jenyns on September 26, 2008

Investment firms must cater to their shareholders if they wish to be successful. Of course, the primary goals of investment firms are the investment objectives stated in their charters: capital gains, income, capital stability, or any one of various combinations thereof. Among the services and conveniences extended by investment firms in addition to accumulation plans that include:

2. Automatic investment of dividends. In addition to income dividends, most investment firms distribute realized long-term capital gains dividends through an optional plan offering the stockholder a choice of receiving stock or cash. 3. Withdrawal plans. 4. Life insurance. Certain accumulation plans provide life insurance programs, deducting the cost thereof from the investor’s regular monthly payment. 6. Provision for beneficiaries. Many contractual plans make it possible for a plan holder to have his shares legally become the property of a previously named beneficiary upon the death of the plan holder.

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