Washington Mutual Refinance Mortgage

by David Jenyns on July 12, 2011

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If you are wondering making an application for an additional mortgage, there is probably no better lender than Washington Mutual. They give various refinance mortgage options as well as excellent customer service and support to make your financial obligations less burdensome.

Sorts of Washington Mutual Refinance Mortgage
You will find essentially two sorts of refinance mortgage offered by Washington Mutual: fixed and arms. Other preferences you might have can simply be negotiated for either type.

Fixed interest rate Mortgage
This type of refinance mortgage is better if you want for a straightforward payment structure; you won’t have to calculate for next month’s loan payment as the value will stay the same approximately the final payment deadline for your loan. Fixed rate mortgages usually last from fifteen to thirty years, but Washington Mutual also provides a forty-year amortization period for the people interested.

These are generally short-term in nature, lasting only derived from one of in order to 5 years. Their rates of interest fluctuate according to various reasons but rest assured that Washington Mutual is invariably ready to consult with you for almost any adjustment or conversion you would like to make. Different sorts of arms can be purchased plus some might even allow you to make interest-only payments for a nominated time period, consequently leaving you absolve to settle more pressing obligations you’ve got.

If you’re interested in a long-term ARM, Washington has that, too. A 10/1 ARM, for example, will simply have the interest rate adjust as soon as the first a decade with the loan.

5 Benefits of Getting a Washington Mutual Refinance Mortgage
Applying for a Washington Mutual refinance mortgage allows you to enjoy various benefits, in which most of them other lenders could be hard pressed to fit, less surpass.

Two Week Processing Guarantee

Regardless of what your financial needs are and despite the type of refinance mortgage you’re after, Washington Mutual can promise your loan application shall be processed not later than 14 days.

Systematic Loan Process

Not like other loan procedures, Washington Mutual offers a graduated means of loan application. You’ll be given clear and specific directions to what you have to do as a way to qualify. Once your loan application has been approved, you’ll be in a position to acquire your funds immediately and without further trouble.

Manage Your Account Online

Not like other lenders, Washington Mutual doesn’t allow it to be hard for you to obtain any info you’ll need with regards to your loan. To control and access your account online, go on to the company’s official website and submit your email address contact information, ss #, and loan number at their Home Loan page.

Your internet account will be activated shortly and you’ll be presented your login particulars. Afterwards, you may then determine every one of the information you require from payoff to escrow accounts. You can even acquired a tax break certificate or use your account to capitalize on other accessory products entirely on the site.

Documentation close at hand

If you have a requirement to print any document connected with your Washington Mutual refinance mortgage, the business has facilities ready to meet your printing needs any time of the day.

Immediate Fund Transfer

You don’t have to search for a Washington Mutual branch only to procure your funds. If you’ve an account in different major lender, the loan funds can be sent there immediately through electronic fund transfer.

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