Water Water Everywhere – Desalination Market Continues to Grow

by David Jenyns on May 8, 2009

It should pay for investors to seek companies which have a stake in sea water desaltation, especially those which are able to come up with a process to convert sea water into drinkable water at commercially competitive prices. Among the most prominent in the field is Struthers Wells Corporation. “Is Struthers’ newly devised and tested system for conversion o sea water into potable water.”

Troster, Singer & Co. analysts termed the Struthers method a “breakthrough in the conversion of sea water into drinkable water at commercially competitive prices.”

Struthers Wells’ unique patented process can produce large ice crystals, which simplifies the separation of ice from brine. The Struthers freezing process is still in the early experimental state, as are other competitive processes. Unlike the distillation method, Ionics’ process is said to be economically better suited for brackish water than for salt water. Among the most recent entries in the water-desalting field are General Electric and North American Aviation. General Electric entered the field with the development of what is described as a radical new distillation process for desalting sea water.

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