Weekend Stock Market Technical Analysis Trading Plan

by David Jenyns on November 10, 2011

www.michaelglass.com – Here is our Weekend Stock Market Technical Analysis Trading Plan for Saturday, October 1st. In each video update , we attempt to identify high probability trading setups for the next week. We also look at the key market moving events of the past week including disappointing reaction to the FOMC announcement this week. We then pull up the charts to identify key technical analysis price levels for the S&P 500. We then look to see if some of the market leaders are pulling the market higher or lower (Apple, Amazon, Google, Goldman Sachs, Netflix and Priceline). We also try gain insight to the market’s future direction by looking at the charts for The Dollar, Gold and Crude Oil. Finally, in our education spotlight, we look at one of the most important facets of developing a trading system, your trading journal.
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