What are some useful finance classes to take if I am planning to do a minor in Finance?

by David Jenyns on August 14, 2011

Question by Armada: What are some useful finance classes to take if I am planning to do a minor in Finance?
I’m an accounting major planning to do a minor in Finance and need to know what are the useful classes in Finance I should take? Here are the courses I can choose from; Financing New Ventures, Managing Corporate Assets and Liabilities, Intermediate Investments, Financial Analysis and Modeling, Finance in the Global Environment, Advanced Corporate Financial Planning, Introduction to Options and Futures, and Seminar in Finance. I have already taken two Finance classes towards my minor and need to take three more.

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Answer by icprofit6000
Hopefully they are all useful. I expect there is some duplication among these classes and class you taken or will take.

Why are you getting a minor in Finance? Do want to reinforce what your learning in accounting or broaden your knowledge base?

Seminar in Finance — cover a broad area of topics. Might be useful in deciding what other classes you might want to take. You might find most seminar boring and strictly academic exercises or you might enjoy them all.

Financing New Ventures — useful but mostly if you want to work with New Ventures.

Managing Corporate Assets and Liabilities — general applicable and might reinforce your other management accounting class work

I take both
Financial Analysis and Modeling
Advanced Corporate Financial Planning.
I think they will reinforce your management accounting classes and have considerable usefulness in most future careers.

I assuming you had some introductions to investment, take these if you like the class and want more otherwise skip them. Although you should have a understanding of Options and Futures, I assume get the basic material in another class.

Intermediate Investments
Introduction to Options and Futures

Finance in the Global Environment — You could get this information in other classes, Take this class if I really wanted to understand in detail how the global economic and monetary policy works.

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