Why Do Women Find Finance So Dull?

by David Jenyns on December 31, 2011

According to the states Women Understanding Money Report, more than 50% of girls find handling money stressful and dull. This is understandable as the way money is explained is sometimes in metaphors that only appeal to men like football and vehicles. Many ladies love fashion, dating and families and if finance was explained using these analogies then maybe it wouldn’t be so damn dull for most girls. The education system too explains physics and chemistry and many subjects using rockets, pucks and things boys are interested in, so my buddy and I determined to wake everybody up a bit and wrote a book explaining finance through analogies that ladies have an interest in like shopping, dating and fashion analogies. The book Flirting With Financewhich was published by Fairfax (an Australian financial paper publisher), has sold out!

Now I’m thinking of what next? I am brooding about a place, even perhaps a Facebook page or group where there can be more interaction, maybe far more inclusion from the women who are now getting more enthusiastic about finance.

In my tangible real job, as a broker I have seen more girls taking on investment properties; some have even now dabbled in development finance for bigger developments- something they may not have had the confidence to get the team together to do before.

Strangley the customer of mine that made the most money was a19 year old girl, who never earned more than 40k a year! She just purchased investment units in mining towns. Cashflow positive from the first day and have now tripled in price!

There is something extraordinarily satisfying in knowing such a young, smart girl did so well! I bet no one in her office has any concept she made over one million in assets while she was the most junior person in the company, living in shared places with her young man. Now he wants to buy some property! She is still deciding if she'll help him with his research.

Virginia Graham managesCentral Coast Mortgage Brokerand was formerly an interest rate dealer, stockbroker and worked in accounting. Virginia is a recognized finance expert on channel 7, 9 and for local Australian papers and MMM radio.


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